Drugs found after search

Police seized four types of drugs when they searched an Alfreton man, a has court heard.

Jamie Elliott was arrested for an unrelated matter and found to be carrying cannabis and amphetamine.

Laura Dyke, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that a further search at the police station revealed a plastic tub containing heroin and crack cocaine.

Elliott told police he had been using 1g of crack and heroin every other day, 2g of ampethamine every day and cannabis on a daily basis.

The magistrates court was told that Elliott, 25, also had a drink problem.

“He has self-referred to Addaction but drugs are the central problem,” said his solicitor, Jonathan Greenhill.

Elliott, of North Street, admitted four charges of possessing drugs on June 26.

He had previously served time in prison.

The Bench made Elliott the subject of a one-year Probation supervision order, including a drug rehabilitation programme, with £85 costs, and ordered that the drugs be destroyed.

They told Elliott they hoped the sentence would help to steer him away from a return to prison.