Drugs find led to losing job

A woman lost her job after being caught with cocaine and cannabis at work in Alfreton, a court has heard.

Police went to A1 Communications at the Turnpike business park on August 30 after a call saying Marie Horner had a tin containing white powder in her coat pocket.

“She admitted it was cocaine and her vehicle was searched and a small bag of cannabis was also recovered,” Lynn Manning, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“She said she had been taking drugs for a number of years and she spent £60 a month on them.”

Horner, 25, of Barley Close, Little Eaton, admitted two charges of possessing drugs. She received a one-year conditional discharge, with £85 costs, and the justices ordered that the drugs be destroyed.

Her solicitor, Mark Salt, said she had bought the drugs for £40 at her best friend’s funeral the day before.

She believed a former colleague who had not been retained by her employer had called police out of “spite”. He said Horner was a carer for her severely ill father who suffered from a respiratory disease and was unable to move without assistance. Drugs had given her an “escape” from worries about her father. She became addicted to cocaine but stopped using drugs in February until the day of the funeral.