Driver in court after fleeing accident scene

A SOUTH NORMANTON driver was on the road to redundancy when he fled following an accident, a court has heard.

Kevin Fottles, a delivery driver with Mainstream International Foods, overshot a junction and collided with the back of a Ford Fiesta in Wild Hill, Teversal, on May 31.

“He stopped and then drove away without exchanging details,” Mike Treharne, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

He said the occupants of the Fiesta drove around the area, found Fottles’ Citroen C5 and informed police.

“He said he had been driving too fast and he didn’t stop because he had no insurance. The other vehicle was considerably damaged,” added Mr Treharne

To make matters worse, Fottles, 48, of Coronation Drive, committed further motoring offences on June 6.

Fottles admitted charges of careless driving, failing to stop and report an accident, driving without insurance and an MOT certificate and using a vehicle with defective tread on one tyre.

But he asked the court to waive a driving ban under the totting-up rules, pleading that it would cause him exceptional hardship by costing him his job and his house.

“I had a licence for 30 years and I only had three points on it. I was married for 28 years and my wife walked out on me 18 months ago. It’s been the lowest point of my life.

“Things snowballed and got on top of me. I couldn’t afford to put my car on the road legally. The police seized it and I lost it.”

He said he had since got help from a debt management company and his daughter and her partner had bought him another car. He added that he had “turned the corner” and asked the court to spare him disqualification.

Fottles had been given time to provide a letter from his employer confirming that disqualification would result in redundancy.

But he said he had since been “released” and was now seeking another job. He added: “Coming up to Christmas there is an abundance of driving jobs available.”