Crash driver on drugs

Hassock Lane Crash
Hassock Lane Crash

A drugged driver must do 200 hours voluntary work after his car ploughed through gardens and was 11ft off the ground when it hit a house.

Magistrates heard former soldier David Poppitt was helped by people who rushed to the Subaru Impreza when it crashed on Hassock Lane South, Shipley.

Ambulance staff spotted white powder on his nose and a tub of it was found in the car after the crash at 11.30pm on June 12. It turned out to be the illegal drug Ketamine.

A 30-month driving ban was imposed on Poppitt, 27, of Lodge Row, Mapperley, near Ilkeston. A four-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, was also ordered with £85 prosecution costs.

He admitted driving while unfit through drugs and having 0.8 grammes of Ketamine. JP Anne Smith told him:”The consequences could have been more serious than they were.

“You were very lucky and other people were very lucky.” Poppitt replied:”I am glad nobody was injured in the accident. It is a good learning curve.”

Stacey Whyte, mitigating, told the court:”Mr Poppitt left his friends’ address and had also been home prior to this and felt OK to drive.

“The next thing he remembers was waking up. Mr Poppitt did accept responsibility for the offences. When he came round, he asked ‘is everybody OK?’”

Michael Law, prosecuting in Derby, said:”Officers were called to a report of a vehicle leaving the road. On arrival, 20 people were waving the police down.

“The defendant was near the vehicle in an agitated state being tended by witnesses and later the ambulance service.

“The vehicle left the road on an offside bend, went through front gardens and travelled 52 metres before hitting the property 3.5 metres above ground level.”