Cop burglary warning in Amber Valley

Police in the Amber Valley are reminding residents to make sure their doors and windows are securely locked to help prevent burglary.

In the last few weeks there have been a number of break-ins through unlocked doors and windows across the borough.

The most recent took place sometime between 11am and 3.30pm on Tuesday, September 11 at Somercotes.

A Laptop and a games console were stolen from a house on Park Side, and it is believed the offenders got in through an unlocked door. There have also been three similar incidents since the start of September, with two incidents in Holbrook and one in Belper.

Insp. Rich Smith, who is in charge of policing in the Amber Valley area, said: “It is important that people get into a routine of closing and locking doors and windows, and patio doors, before they go to bed at night.

“During the day, while it is lovely to have fresh air coming in through open windows, always make sure you close the window when you move to another part of the house, or go outside.”

Overall the number of burglaries in the Amber Valley area has reduced by more than 11 per cent ,with 133 reported this year between April and August 2012 compared to 151 during the same period in 2011.

Other steps residents can take include: Keep valuables out of view from your doors and windows. Make sure your house is locked if you’re in the garden, having a BBQ, or hanging out your washing. Door chimes and alarms might deter a burglar from entering your property, but always remember to lock your door. Don’t leave garden tools, ladders or furniture outside as they could be used to break into your home. Lock them away in a shed or garage. Put packaging for expensive items in the bin take it to be recycled. Don’t advertise what’s in your house. Close your curtains in the evening. Don’t give keys to people you do not know well, such as workmen. Change locks if you think somebody else might have another copy of your key. Do not leave keys in obvious places such as under a flowerpot or doormat or hanging inside the letter box.