Car smash jolted Leabrooks house

A family had a lucky escape when a car smashed into their living room, causing up to £10,000 worth of damage.

A Toyota Avensis driven by a 19-year-old male came off the road on Greenhill Lane in Leabrooks at around 10.30pm on Thursday, May 9 - crunching into the house of Lindsay Geere and her family.

The force of the smash has left a dent in the side wall of the semi-detatched home causing structural damage and ripping an electricity box off the wall.

But care assistant Mrs Geere, 31, says it could have been much worse - as her 11-year-old daughter was sitting in the lounge at the timet. Thankfully she was unscathed.

Also her 64-year-old mother would usually sleep in the living room against the impacted wall, but not yet gone to bed.

She said: “It was like it happened in slow motion. We had to have the police, the electricity company, the fire brigade round.

“At least we are still here to tell the tale!”

Now Mrs Geere says speed calming measures need to be placed on Greenhill Lane - as Thursday night’s smash is the latest of many.

She said: “There have been so many accidents down here.

“There was a car went into the bus stop the other day. The man next door also had his car bumped into. I just wonder what’s got to happen before something is done about it.”

Police are considering whether to press charges against the 19-year-old.