Cannabis materials dumped at ponds

Penny Town Ponds fly tipping.
Penny Town Ponds fly tipping.

Fly-tippers dumped what looks to have been the remnants of a large cannabis grow at a Somercotes beauty spot last night.

More than 100 marked bags containing compost were left at Pennytown Ponds, blocking the entrance to the site and its usually tranquil walkways.

President of the Palmer Morewood Angling Club which uses the pegs there Keith Wood noticed the tip at 8.30am.

He said: “It looks as if someone has emptied a 100ft greenhouse of all their old compost.

“There must be 100 to 150 bags down there blocking the lane- you couldn’t get a car down if you wanted to.”

Amber Valley Borough Council have been contacted and the authority says it hopes to clear up the mess either today or tomorrow.

Police are investigating where the material came from and believe the bags contain the remains of cannabis plants

Mr Wood said fishing has not been directly disrupted but the pile of rubbish has created a terrible eyesore - and has blocked off a bridle way there, often used by horse riders.

He believes the culprits must have used a truck to dump the materials. But it is not the first time someone has used the Green Flag rated ponds, situated behind the Cotes Park Industrial Estate, for such a purpose. He said: “People used to do a lot of this at one time.

“I think it’s just easy for them when it’s pitch dark.”

Chairman of Somercotes Parish Council Cllr Paul Smith says fly tipping is a ‘constant problem’ around Riddings and Somercotes. He said: “We are battling this all the time. It’s a problem on Nottingham Road, people don’t seem to have any respect for the environment. The other day I picked up a toilet seat and a back door that had been dumped.”