Camping trip shoplifting

AN ALFRETON man stole goods from a shop in readiness for a camping trip, a court heard.

Barry Stewart put £23 worth of batteries and led lights into a rucksack held by another man inside a Tesco store. “He went to the door and waited for the co-accused, who paid for some items but not the batteries and lights,” prosecutor Becky Mahon told Chesterfield magistrates.

They were arrested and said they needed to buy batteries and beer for a camping trip but they did not have enough money for both. Stewart, 23. of Hall Street, Alfreton, admitted theft on October 28. He had previously been convicted of dishonesty. The Bench said it looked like “a question of priorities” and fined him £81, with £85 costs. “It was just a matter of stupidity. We were going camping with some friends and we didn’t have enough money at the time. It was a major mistake on my part,” said Stewart.