Boozy woman assaulted a police officer

A BOOZY woman assaulted a police officer as she tried to stop her partner from being arrested, a court was told.

Police went to a report of a fight on Church Street, South Normanton, at 7.25pm on September 24 and arrested a man.

His partner, Ashton Bailey, pulled an officer away from him, before swearing and hurling abuse.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates Bailey, 23, struggled as handcuffs were applied and she threw punches.

“Two punches connected with the officer’s chest area and she was snarling with her mouth open as he tried to handcuff her,” she said.

Bailey, of Ashmount Road, Langley Mill, admitted assaulting Pc Craig Webley. Magistrates adjourned sentence for Probation Service reports.

Her solicitor, Andy Cash, said she had been drinking at a friend’s birthday party and she became distraught when the male was arrested.