Boozer vows to go straight

A shoplifter fears alcohol will kill him after battling to beat the problem for years, a court heard.

Magistrates were told Clint Czernozukow, 31, had a long criminal record largely linked to drink. They imposed a four-month jail term, suspended for a year, on Czernozukow of Fletcher Street, Heanor. He admitted stealing champagne worth £25.98 from Costcutter and £9 of Carlsberg lager from Tesco.

Mark Salt, mitigating, told the court in Derby on Tuesday: “I would say 99per cent of his record is under the haze of alcohol. He needs help with alcoholism and if he carries on the same road, he will be back before the courts or, as he said, lying dead in the gutter. He needs support to get off it.”

Mike Treharne, prosecuting, said Czernozukow was on prison licence when he stole the champagne on July 23 and the lager three days later.

On both occasions, he simply walked out of the stores without paying.

Presiding magistrate Derek Lees put Czernozukow on probation and ordered him to attend a course to curb his drinking, telling him: “We are putting you on honour to do it. It will be custody automatically with no help if you breach this order.”