Back behind bars for raid

An Ironville man is back behind bars for committing a burglary soon after being released from jail.

Andrew Richards, 36, was released from custody on March 30 after being sent down for burglary and theft.

But he was back in trouble on June 12 when he broke a window to enter Johnsons cafe in Old Coach Road, Golden Valley.

Sherall Pickford, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield he caused £50 damage and stole drinks.

Richards, who gave a care-of address in Adelaide Walk, Ironville, admitted burglary and was locked up for 12 weeks by District Judge Andrew Davison. “I accept you committed this offence in sad circumstances,” Mr Davison told him.

Bob Bashforth, for Richards, said he had nowhere to live and was “wandering around with nothing to do.”

“His mother and step father didn’t have accommodation for him. Whether they didn’t have room or weren’t prepared to put him up I don’t know.

“He was cold and hungry and he gained entry to a buffet-type cafeteria and helped himself to some cans of pop and ice cream,” he told the court.