Acting head tells of Hucknall school lockdown

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Acting head teacher Suzanne Stoddart has told how her school went into lockdown during a police incident in Hucknall yestedray.

Mrs Stoddart also praised police for their handling of the situation, which saw a lengthy siege as police worked to end a standoff with a man, believed to be armed, in the Spot On snooker club.

She said: “The snooker hall backs on to buildings at the back of the school and as soon as our local PCSO alerted us to the situation at around 2.30pm we locked everything down.

We sent three texts to parents to inform them that they could not pick up their children from school until further notice and reassured them that they were safe.

“There was a police presence at the school throughout and the staff helped to give out drinks, snacks and fruit to the children.

“From 4.45pm onwards we were allowed to release the children 10 at a time and parents were escorted by police to the school to pick them up. “All the children had left the school by 5.30pm, many of them unaware that anything was going on.”

And she added: “I would like to praise the police for their handling of the situation throughout, and would also like to say thank you to staff and parents.”

With only a few exceptions, most of the children were back at school today and school life was back to normal.

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