Abuser jailed for string of offences

Picture: Victoria Wilcox''Latest Derby Crown Court file picture - gv
Picture: Victoria Wilcox''Latest Derby Crown Court file picture - gv

A paedophile starting a ten year sentence carried out a series of horrifying abuses on a boy over a seven year period.

Kilburn man Dennis Rafferty, 67, of Brickyard Lane, was finally snared by police in 2011.

The abuses on a boy, now a teenager who cannot be named, began when the victim was just seven and continued until he was 14.

In sentencing Rafferty at Derby Crown Court, Recorder Paul Mann QC told him: “It is often said paedophiles like you steal children’s childhoods.

“It is more than that because you cripple people emotionally for life. This is an extremely serious case of its kind.

“He (the victim) was ten when you raped him for the first time. You had been asking him to let you do that for some time and he always said no.

“You had your way against his wishes. He had a convulsive fit.

“He was emotionally wrecked, resorted to drugs and made attempts at suicide. You have led the life of a predatory paedophile,”

Grace Hale, prosecuting, told the court that Rafferty forced the boy into a range of sexual activity over several years.

The boy ended up with physical injuries following the torment. One night the court was told the victim was woken when he felt Rafferty’s hand on a leg.

In 2010, Rafferty subjected his victim to another offence involving oral sex and nudity.

When he was 14, the victim heard the term “paedophile” from friends and asked others what it meant. He was told “it involved children being touched.”

Mrs Hale told the court:”He asked the defendant about the term - he asked if he was a paedophile. He said he was not.

“The complainant stood up to the defendant that he didn’t want sexual activity because it was wrong.

“The defendant stopped treating the complainant to sweets, chocolates and cigarettes and also stopped giving the complainant money.”

That brought an end to the abuse but Rafferty saw him three years later and “offered £100 for sexual intercourse.” He tried to touch him sexually and also attempted to kiss the boy. The victim was so overwrought that he ran up a busy road and could have been knocked over. He was rescued by police and taken home.

“He resorted to drink and drugs and self-harm because he was disgusted with himself. He has difficulties forming relationships,” said Mrs Hale.

In 2011, he reported the abuse to police and told them all his childhood memories were blighted “by the awful things he did with me.”

Rafferty, who had given an early indication that he would plead guilty, was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life. He had been in custody since April and was sentenced in June but publicity surrounding the case was banned until the end of other legal action.

Steve Gosnell, for Rafferty, told the court: “He knows he could see the end of his life incarcerated.

“He made a decision to plead guilty at 67. He knows where the sentence will take him.

“It is plain there is real remorse here. He is not a danger to young boys.”