A Derbyshire thug attacked his ex and her sister after a family dispute

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A man who attacked his former partner and her sister during a family dispute has narrowly been spared from jail.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on October 16 how Adam John Radcliffe, 29, of Dorsett Close, Brimington, Chesterfield, was found guilty of two assaults after he attacked his former partner and her sister.

Prosecuting solicitor Robert Carr said Radcliffe’s former partner had gone down to a bridge at Lower Pilsley and the defendant turned up followed by his ex-partner’s sister.

Mr Carr added Radcliffe insulted his ex and threatened to report her to social services because he claimed she was not a fit mother and he returned to his mother’s home in Danesmoor and was followed by his ex and her sister.

Radcliffe shouted at his ex before he stepped out of his mother’s property and spat at his ex’s sister and punched her to the ground, according to Mr Carr.

Mrs Carr added that Radcliffe’s ex tried to help her sister and she was punched to the ground and kicked during the incident in June.

Radcliffe pleaded guilty to another assault from earlier in the year, in April, after he had spat at his ex during a row in the street at Danesmoor when she had been collecting their children from him.

Defence solicitor Anise Rowlands said during the spitting incident in April Radcliffe had the opportunity of work and he had been concerned that his ex was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when she came to collect their children.

Ms Rowlands added during the subsequent incident he had been concerned his ex was suicidal and he and his ex’s sister found her at the bridge at Lower Pilsley before a row erupted.

Radcliffe’s ex and her sister followed Radcliffe to his mother’s home after he had threatened to contact social services, according to Ms Rowlands.

She said Radcliffe punched his ex and her sister after he claimed he had been swamped and he had argued that he had acted in self defence.

Radcliffe’ shirt was ripped during the incident, according to Ms Rowlands, who added that his ex acknowledged picking up a stone and smashing the windscreen of Radcliffe’s Ford Focus.

Ms Rowlands said: “Mr Radcliffe is a working man and prior to these incidents he was of good character.”

She added that Radcliffe’s life has not been without trauma after his father died when he was 15-years-old.

Magistrates, who acknowledged there had been a degree of provocation, sentenced Radcliffe to 18 weeks of custody suspended for 12 months with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and 60 hours of unpaid work.

Radcliffe was also ordered to pay £620 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

He was also given a 12 month restraining order.