A bizarre and extreme case of horseplay.

A man humiliated a Halloween prankster by pulling down his trousers and caning him - then handcuffing him to a washing line, a court heard.

A lit firework was even placed between the buttocks of the 15-year-old but was taken away before it went off on October 31 last year.

The incident led to a 14-month prison term for Stephen Gregory, 54, of Radford Road, Smalley who admitted two counts of kidnap and two assaults causing actual bodily harm. Judge Michael Cullum said: “This is about a somewhat bizarre and extreme example of horseplay. You behaved inappropriately to a youth who had been knocking on your door causing you irritation. The fact you repeated what you may have seen as light-hearted punishment makes it far more serious.”

Derby Crown Court heard the victim had been playing “knock and run,” tapping on Gregory’s door three times that evening. A teenager chased the boy and brought him back to the house, where Gregory pulled his trousers down and hit him with a cane on the bottom and thighs.”

The boy managed to escape but was then brought back to the house by the teenager in a headlock. His trousers were again pulled down and a lit banger was put between his buttocks, making him believe he would be burnt. It was removed before it exploded. He was then handcuffed by both wrists to a washing line and struck with a riding crop across the legs and buttocks, leaving marks 70 centimetres long.