Crich Pre-school parents’ playground spat over ‘unauthorised’ shelter

A row has broken out over an outdoor shelter at Crich Pre-school built by Prince's Trust volunteers, which the property's management committee claim is in violation of their lease.

A row has broken out over an outdoor shelter at a Crich nursery, with the property’s managers demanding it be dismantled and parents campaigning to keep it.

The structure was built last summer as part of a project run by young volunteers with the Prince’s Trust.

It was commissioned by Crich Pre-school, which is based at the Glebe Field Centre, in order to improve outdoor learning opportunities.

Gavin Clark, who works for the trust, led the project, and has a daughter at the pre-school, said: “The shelter has been up six months and the Glebe management committee now say they believe it is in breach of the lease on the land.

“However, it has not been made clear what the terms of the lease are, as the committee refuse to answer questions from the community.”

The shelter, which is not fixed in place, has a built in storage unit and tactile learning activities.

The trust group understood they had all necessary permissions for the project before they began fundraising the £1,200 project costs - but Glebe managers say that was not the case and that it must be removed by March 25.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the director of the company which owns the land, PH Investments, has apparently told parents he has no objection to the shelter.

Gavin said: “We contacted him directly, and he told us that so long as the committee inform him of the change, he is happy to update the lease.”

An online petition to save the structure at has gained more than 200 signatures from parents and supporters.

Gavin said: “It would be a shame for the children of Crich to restrict their learning opportunities, but it would also mean the young people who built the shelter wasted their time and funds given to them as charitable donations.”

In a joint statement, the committee said: “Crich Pre-School did not do what they were given permission to do. We will not be discussing the issue with anyone other than pre-school, who have accepted the committee’s decision.”

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