Councillors dismiss neighbours concerns

the OWNER of a plot of land used for storage says nothing will change now he has planning permission for the site.

Roger Sydenham said he will continue to use the land, at the back of homes on Longfield Lane, to store his caravan and other personal possessions.

Roger Syndenham said: “I will continue to use the land as I have been doing and this planning permission won’t change that.

“All this has done is legitamise the existing use of the land.”

But neighbours to the site were angry that planning permission to retain a storage container and build a garage was granted.

They say that Mr Sydenham is using the land in connection with his business – a claim he denies.

Noel Leake, who spoke at the Erewash Borough Council planning meeting on Wednesday voiced the concerns of people living nearby.

He said: “If this plan is approved we will be residents in the middle of a mini industrial estate. No one can think of a legitimate reason to visit this site daily for legitimate reasons.”

Councillors branded the site an ‘eyesore’ but approved the application.