Council forces owner to sell problem home

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An empty house that was left derelict for nearly two 
decades has finally been sold at 
auction for £43,000.

The terraced house on Prospect Street, Alfreton, was sold after the owner had failed to pay the council for around £1,000 worth of work it did to remove rubbish and vermin.

Amber Valley Borough Council successfully 
completed the enforced sale of the property, as part of its initiative to return more empty houses back into use.

Legislation enables the council to recover the money owed from the sale’s 

The remainder of the money raised will 
be distributed to those legally entitled to the balance.

There are currently three further properties on which the council is owed money for works and these will also be subject to enforced sales unless the debt is recovered, said a council spokesman.

Councillor Tony Holmes said: “This is an excellent outcome for the council and for the people living near this property who have had to put up with the anti-social state of this house for many years.”