Council crack down on mess

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Latest news...

Amber Valley Borough Council’s new Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor John McCabe, has warned that the council will get tough on litter and dog fouling offences.

He said that although community wardens will continue to play an ‘educational’ role and encourage offenders to pick up their litter or dog fouling, where they witness blatant offending they will issue fixed 
penalty notices.

Along with support from Ripley Mayor Roland 
Emmas-Williams, Councillor McCabe last week inspected the new livery now being carried by Council vehicles, showing how to report offenders through the Council’s helplines.

He said: “We are 
determined to adopt a hard-line with the blatant offenders who are not only spoiling the local environment for the vast majority of 
law-abiding people, but, in some cases of dog fouling, causing a serious health threat too.”

The council has an excellent track record of finding and prosecuting 
fly-tipping offenders, with 14 
successful prosecutions in the last 12 months.

For more information or to report incidents of 
littering, dog fouling, 
fly-tipping or fly-posting can call 01773 841335.