Council budget facing £2m cut

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AmBER Valley Borough Council has announced a hit list of proposals to save £2 million over the next two years.

The 73 possible cuts are aimed at keeping the council in the black after a spending review by the Department for Communities and Local Government in December.

The council’s grant funding from central government was slashed in the review, setting it a target of making £2million in savings over the next two years.

It is looking at selling public toilets it owns to a private company due to the high cost of maintenance.

Seasonal working could also be introduced for grounds maintenance staff and green waste may also only be collected during the spring and summer months.

The authority is also considering a plan to better use the council office building at Ripley Town Hall, as there are a number of unused rooms inside.

The council newsletter will no longer be sent to every household and local business in one of the many proposals aimed at making smaller savings.

Proposals could also see the payments for council tax and other items being processed at Post Offices, instead of within Amber Valley offices.

Leader of the council Cllr Stuart Bradford has assured residents that frontline services would be protected and that the figure was ‘challenging’, but ‘achievable’.

He said: “What we have set out to do has been carefully researched. We know they are all achievable and we know they can be delivered over time.”

However, Cllr Bradford insisted compulsory staff redundancies would be a last resort, saying: “If anyone under the current restrictions wants to be considered for voluntary redundancy then we will look at their application.”

He added that vacant posts would not be filled as part of plans to reduce the size of its workforce.

But annual salaries of the council’s top earners will remain untouched, it was revealed.

Cllr Bradford said: “If you decimate your management in any company, who is going to run the business?

“We did this two-and-a-half years ago and we only have three senior officers, that’s all.”

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