Conservatives win Swanwick by-election

NRHNBE111220b1, Ripley town hall,
NRHNBE111220b1, Ripley town hall,

Tory candidate David Wilson has taken the Swanwick seat in a late by-election after it was postponed due to the death of a candidate.

The Swanwick seat on the area’s borough council was up for election last and was retained by the Tories.

The election had been due to take place on May 22 but was postponed following the death of candidate Patricia Lynne Watson.

The results were as follows.

Conservatives - 474 (36.93%)

Labour - 298 (22.90%)

Independent - 252 (19.36%)

UKIP - 245 (18.83%)

Lib Dem - 32 ( 0.24%)