Concerns raised over ‘unpleasant odour’ and dirt at Derbyshire care home

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A health watchdog has raised concerns about an ‘unpleasant odour’ and the state of cleanliness at a village care home.

Amberleigh Manor in Primrose Hill, Blackwell, has been ordered to make improvements by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

In a new report, inspectors raised concerns about safety, responsiveness and leadership at the home. However, the inspectors – who visited the home last October – deemed it to be effective and caring.

In their report, the CQC said: “The service was not always safe.

“We had concerns about the cleanliness of the premises, the poorly-maintained furniture and furnishings and the inconsistent infection control procedures.

“In the entrance hall here was an unpleasant odour and throughout the premises we saw windows were dirty, inside and out; chairs and side tables in the lounge were stained, scratched and dusty and carpets on the first floor were threadbare.

“The lack of cleaning and maintenance at Amberleigh Manor was effectively summed up by an experienced member of staff who told us ‘this place just needs someone to love it’.

“The service was not always responsive.

“Staff had a good understanding of people’s care needs but there was a lack of stimulation and people were not supported to engage in personal interests and preferences.

“The service was not consistently wel-lled.

“Quality monitoring audits had not identified areas of concern relating to cleanliness, infection control and social stimulation.”

Highlighting positives, the report added: “People received effective care from staff who had the knowledge and skills to carry out their roles and responsibilities.

“People and their relatives spoke positively about the kind and compassionate attitude of the care staff.”

Nobody from the home wanted to comment further when contacted by us.

The home’s website states: “Amberleigh Manor is more than a quality residential care home.

“A full programme of enjoyable activities is a way of life at Amberleigh to enable residents to participate in social activities should they wish.

“We aim to provide the highest standard of care in a home-like environment where our residents are safe and yet fully able to live a full and active life.

“Further to research into diet and dementia care, we place great emphasis on providing the freshest, most nutritious meals for improved health benefits.

“Good housekeeping is also top of the agenda so that everything at Amberleigh Manor is kept in first-class condition.”