COLUMN: Give yourself a break this New Year by Kerry Fenton-Kent

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With a new year comes a fresh opportunity to give your skincare regime a much needed overhaul.

After the Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and far too many mince pies, January is the perfect time to implement a few new beauty rules!

I’m Kerry Fenton-Kent, group spa manager for Aqua Sana Spas, and I want to share my tips on the beauty New Year resolutions worth keeping.

Firstly, it is important to hydrate.

During the festive season, we’re all guilty of having a little too much sugar and alcohol, but unfortunately, like a mirror, a bad diet is reflected in the outer layers of the skin.

For example, did you know that excessive sugar and alcohol intake can enlarge the blood vessels and capillaries near the surface of the complexion?

Not only does this result in a flushed appearance, but it can lead to puffy and dehydrated skin.

When it comes to hydrating the complexion, often the simplest approach is the most effective; take time to replenish lost minerals by drinking plenty of water.

This will help to flush out toxins whilst restoring the skin’s natural lubricants.

Next, you must cleanse.

Overusing makeup products during the winter is not uncommon, but what we often forget is how they can also be full of chemicals and irritants.

Long days and late nights result in over-worked skin, leading to a dull and lack-lustre complexion, as pores are blocked due to makeup residue.

For the best cleansed skin, first use an oil based cleanser to gently remove dirt and make-up without stripping or drying out the skin.

Follow up with a non-oil based cleansing product to avoid leaving the skin feeling greasy.

This combination should leave you with a much more balanced complexion.

Finally, it is also vital to de-stress.

Months of frantic Christmas shopping, family 
commitments and fretting over the highly anticipated Christmas dinner can leave even the most organised of party planners feeling frazzled.

Unresolved stress has been proven to leave up to nearly three in four of us suffering from the January Blues.

Take some guilt-free time to recharge your batteries and treat yourself to a whole morning in bed.

Read the Sunday papers, light a candle and cocoon yourself up with a cup of tea to relieve the pressures of last year with a well-deserved break.