Codnor pub to be demolished

The Gate Inn, Codnor Gate.
The Gate Inn, Codnor Gate.

A popular pub in Codnor is set to be demolished after 150 years of serving thirsty 

The Gate Inn has stood proudly on Codnor Gate for well over a century and has been run by grandparents of seven Tom, 79 and Sue Bowler, 70 for the last 32 years.

They decided to put the pub up for sale several years ago so that they could settle down and enjoy retirement but unfortunately the pub failed to 
attract a buyer which has led to plans for the pub to be 

It is thought the bungalows will be built on the former site of the pub.

Landlady Sue looked back on the last 32 years fondly and told the 
Ripley & Heanor News how much she and Tom have 
enjoyed their time at the pub: “We’ve made a lot of friends over the last 32 years and we’ve seen it all running the place.

“It’ll be sad to leave but we’re both ready for retirement, It’s about time we had a rest.

“We’ve not had a holiday in years so maybe that’s something to look at doing once we’ve moved out of the pub.

“Another thing we’ll definitely be doing is spending a lot more time with our grandchildren, we’ve got seven of them and we’re about to 
be come great grandparents for the first time.”

One of Sue’s favourite memories running the pub was when snooker legend Jimmy White popped in for a pint.

“We were just getting ready to close up for the night and a man pulled up in the car park.

“I went outside and asked him, are you who I think you are?

“He replied yes and I said come on in then and have a drink! He was just on his way home from a tournament in Derby.”

The pair haven’t set a 
closing date yet but they are planning to host a leaving party on November 1, they say they’ll close the pub when they run out of beer!