Codnor bypass plan in focus


I have just read in the Ripley and Heanor News the Steve Freeborn comment on the proposals for the Codnor bypass and the inadequacies of the present proposed scheme.

I have in my possession a map from the Ripley-Heanor local Plan for Public Discussion, by SJ Church, Director of Planning and Development for Amber Valley Council. This shows the route of road scheme 5.4, the Codnor Bypass, from its junction with the roundabout at the start of Ripley Bypass (Sainsbury’s end) and it’s finish on its junction with Woodlinkin Bypass, just north of Aldercar.

So there we have it, no doubt about it, a fully by-passed Codnor.

Ahhh... wait a minute, the map is dated May 1984 (28 years ago).

Peter Eyre

Holborn View