Co-op building to be revamped in Langley Mill

A BID by an Amber Valley borough councillor to convert the former Co-op building in Langley Mill into shops, offices and apartments has been given the green light by the borough council’s planning board.

The application by Conservative councillor George Stevenson, who represents Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse, features five shops, eight starter offices, 12 one and two-bedroomed apartments and storage areas.

He estimates the scheme will cost just under £1 million.

The building will be renamed St George’s Court and work is due to start in January and finish by December next year. The vacant two-storey building was previously used as a snooker club, bar, function room and office.

Cllr Stevenson, 43, who runs building firm Imperial GB, said delays were caused by concerns about flooding risks and his status as a councillor. After he won the by-election as borough councillor in May, the application was examined by the council’s Monitoring Officer, who confirmed that the application was processed normally.

He said: “We have got quite a few businesses interested already.”

The application was approved by Amber Valley planning board on Monday, December 12.