Club back from the brink is thriving

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A village social club has gone from facing closure to being a thriving hub after being saved by hard working committee members.

South Wingfield Social Club, on High Road was pulled back from the brink by the hard work and dedication of chairman Mick Hobson and his ten-strong committee.

The club, which was formerly a members’ only miners’ welfare dating back to the 1920s, faced closure after being hit by the recession.

Mr Hobson said the committee had to rethink the members’ only status when numbers dwindled from 800 to 140.

He said: “We had to adapt and think outside the box. We couldn’t remain a members’ club and had to reach out to the community.”

The club still offers
optional membership, at £6 per year, but is also now open to the general public for free.

In addition to the expansion, the club holds events, rents out rooms and provides a budget wedding package.

In another bid to appeal to the masses, the club swapped its brewery to provide punters with cheaper beer and more variety. He said: “The changes are an ongoing process, but we’re starting to thrive and make a profit, it looks good for the future.”

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