Cinderhill tar pits need to go


It has to be four years since the planning approval granted by Amber Valley Borough Council for development of the Cinderhill site was quashed following the sterling efforts of the local community and the intervention of Friends of the Earth.

The proposals didn’t give the necessary assurances that the contaminated tar pits would have been remediated, effectively meaning they could have walked away, leaving us with the same problems the development should have addressed. The council insisted the conditions in the planning permission were adequate to allow the development to be built and the spokesman for developers, Banks, said it was ‘absurd’ that they would have walked away without remediating the contaminated tar pits.

Yet they never re-submitted!

It appears to me that the community and particularly the poor souls who would have purchased the housing on the site had a lucky escape. Now a new proposal is on the cards.

I would hope that the council are a little more vigilant this time. The opposition group presented a lot of factual reports last time yet the council decided to trust the developers. That was clearly a mistake.

Those reports are still valid. The concerns raised by the community are still valid.

Contaminated land – how will it be dealt with? ‘Capping’ does not work – fact.

Traffic – increased traffic in neighbouring streets and at the school entrance – fact.

Loss of Countryside and Wildlife – Cinderhill is not a brownfield – fact.

Flooding – more development can only mean more regular flooding – fact.

I would urge all concerned residents to attend one of the consultation sessions at John Flamsteed School, Denby, on February 21, 4pm to 8pm, the Lion Hotel in Belper, on February 23, 3pm to 7pm, and Ripley Leisure Centre on February 24, 3pm to 7pm.

Ask the questions about the concerns listed above and if you want to know more facts about the Cinderhill site site an e-mail to

One final comment aimed at the council, The community cannot wait forever to get these poisonous tar pits cleaned up. If the latest proposals do not deliver the council must find another way to rid the community of the poisons which are proven to be beneath our feet.

Surely the Council have an obligation towards our health.

S Slack

Bramble Lane