Church plays host to a heritage weekend

Ironville heritage weekend held at christ church, Ironville. Carol bincent pasture jacksdale christian centre
Ironville heritage weekend held at christ church, Ironville. Carol bincent pasture jacksdale christian centre

A TEAM of Ironville churchgoers are on a money-making mission to raise £10,000 and give a facelift to their place of worship.

The congregation at Christ Church, on Casson Street in the village, need to reach the magic sum to be able to replaster, redecorate and preseve the woodwork in their parish church.

And in order to raise the funds, parishioners are holding a year-long series of events to add to the facelift kitty.

This week 62-year-old congregation member, Barbara Bacon hosted a heritage weekend to add another £500 to the cause.

The local lady, from Forge Row, has lived in the area all her life and decided to run the weekend because she is proud of her home village’s history.

“Ironville has an interesting past,” she said, “We have always been put down and people have said we are a dingy old village, but that’s not true at all.”

On display in the church were numerous artefacts from the early 20th Century – including a christening gown, family heirlooms, top whip and tops and marbles.

To add to the turn of the centyry atmosphere, Mavis Tagg, of Jacksdale, was busy working her treadle-operated spinning wheel, spinning wool from different breeds of sheep.

In the hall, exhibitions were staged by the Cromford Canal Society the Jacksdale Area Cultural and Heritage group, Codnor Heritage group and the Jessop Trust. Old church records were also displayed for keen ancestry tracers.

Local expert Barbara said many Ironville villagers would not know of the rich industrial history of Ironville, which was built about 1830 by the Butterley Company as a place to house its workers.

Barbara said: “I am interested in the village itself and we are just trying keep it revived. If we look now we only have one shop, people may not know that years ago there were lots.”

The weekend heritage display ran on Saturday and Sunday, raised £500 and took their total to £1,700 with many more events to come.

On Saturday, May 14, ex-miner David Coleman will relive memories of his life underground with memorabilia and a film show. Tickets for the event are now on sale priced £4 can be bought through Barbara on 01773 605869.