Chloe proves value of first aid in schools

Chloe and Jemma Byrne
Chloe and Jemma Byrne

A quick-thinking ten-year-old Langley Mill girl proved the value of first aid lessons at her school by treating her mum’s scalded hand.

Chloe Byrne took action when mum Jemma burned her hand with hot oil — just a day after the youngster was taught first aid at Brookhill Leys Primary in Eastwood.

She put her mum’s hand under cold water for ten minutes before then wrapping it in clingfilm.

Now she and head teacher Jacquie Sainsbury are backing the teaching of first aid in schools and supporting St John Ambulance’s ‘Big First Aid Lesson’ initiative.

Chloe said: “When my mum burned herself I felt scared because I didn’t want her to get hurt. I was pleased that I knew what to do to help her.”

Jemma is also backing the St John, which wants schools across the country to take part in their ‘Big First Aid Lesson’ .

It is an interactive ‘webinar’ which will be streamed into classrooms via the internet on Friday June 20.

It will teach students first aid using real case studies.

For more information about the Big First Aid Lesson or Student first aid visit