CHESTERFIELD: Police seek author of Facebook post

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Derbyshire police are seeking the author of an anonymous social media post who claimed online to be the victim of a “scary” assault.

Officers would like to talk with the originator, after an incident which is believed to have taken place on the Chesterfield-Clay-Cross-Tibshelf bus line, was posted online.

A female posted a report on the Spotted: Chesterfield Facebook page on June 2, that she had got on the bus and noticed a man smiling at her. As she went upstairs onto the upper deck of the bus and the man allegedly followed her, sat behind her and touched her arm.

The man was described as Asian, 5ft 11ins tall with gapped teeth. He was wearing dark coloured jeans and was of a scruffy appearance.

The online post stated that the incident was preceded by another sighting of the man.

It said: “I was waiting for the bus when a man aged around 33 smiled at me and got on the bus. He smiled throughout the journey. This was two weeks ago. Today he was there again and smiled as usual.

“He followed me upstairs sat behined me and touched my arm. No sooner had he sat down that he got back up and sat next to me. I pressed the buzzer to get off the bus and he stood up as if to get off too. I pretended to mess around looking for something but he wouldnt go down the stairs until I got back up. As soon as he got off, I told the driver to go two stops up and I walked home. It has scared me quite a bit.”

Other members of the page banded together to offer support for the unnamed victim.

Russell Regan said in response to the post: “I’m a London bus driver and there is a massive operation on going if you feel threatened inform the driver straight away, do not allow or put yourself in Danger.

“Get the driver to inform the main controller then they can call the police. Do not leave the bus on your own or in isolated areas.

“The driver is in a position to ask the person to leave the bus because he’s causing distress to other passengers.”

Police would like the originator of this post to contact PC Tony Bagshaw on 101.