Chanel’s prime time star turn

A budding Smalley actress has taken her latest role in a major BBC drama in her stride - saying she had no idea how big the part was until she saw friends’ reactions.

Chanel Cresswell, of Main Road in the village, played Jill Bond in TV series Silent Witness screened on Thursday January 9 and Friday, January 10.

The 23-year-old played the sister of a man convicted of double murder on the prime-time show, which follows Dr Nikki Alexander and a team of forensic investigators.

But as busy Chanel rarely gets to watch TV herself - she said it was family and friends that made her realise quite what a role she had landed.

“When I told people I was doing Silent Witness their face just dropped,” she said. “I said is it a big deal then? And they said, yes it’s massive!”

Chanel broke into the acting world as Kelly in Shane Meadows’ This is England when she was just 15.

The former Codnor Primary School and Aldercar Community and Language College pupil appeared in Oscar nominated short film Wish 143 in 2011.

Recently she landed parts in Sky One sitcom Trollied, starring Jane Horrocks, but the down-to-earth actress still enjoys visiting her dad’s pub, the Queen’s Council, in Ilkeston. And she says she is just getting used to seeing her self on telly. “It almost seems like it’s someone else,” she joked.

If you missed Chanel in Action, Silent Witness is available to view on BBC’s Iplayer website