Chancellor grilled by the News

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The News asked Chancellor George Osborne what he is doing to help local people when he visited a housing development in Denby.

The Chancellor was at the Denby Bank housing development on April 4 to promote his Help to Buy scheme announced in the Budget and we were there to ask him about unemployment and people struggling to get on the local housing ladder.

The site currently boasts 112 homes but it is thought permission could be sought for a further 48 homes if Mr Osborne’s lending scheme takes off.

However, there has been concern it could push up prices and create an unsustainable housing bubble.

Mr Osborne said: “We are making tough decisions about saving money and spending. The number of people is very far from creating a housing boom.

“I think it’s right for the Government to step in and help people own a bigger home as their family grows and create jobs and economic activity senstitive to the wishes of the local people.

“One family on this site is already being helped through the scheme and another being helped later this week.”

Asked what benefits the scheme will have for unemployed people in the area he said: “This is also about supporting work.

“The great thing about this site is that you have lots of people working hard and that’s creating revenue for our economy and creating jobs in the area. This is a community that has got real aspirations for the future.”