Cat returns after a month


There was joy for South Normanton couple Barbara and Barrie Gill this week, as their beloved cat Leo reappeared having been missing for 31 days!

Eighteen-month-old Leo disappeared on March 21 - he went out but didn’t return, which was very out of character for him. His owners were completely devastated, but were determined to do everything they could to find him. Barbara put posters up, advertised in the ‘lost and found’ section of newspapers, contacted local vets and rescue centres, and distributed over 500 leaflets to houses in the local area. She also went door-to-door, asking all her neighbours to check their garages and out-buildings to see if he was shut in anywhere.

But despite all their best efforts, there was still no sign of Leo. The Gills were heartbroken, and were starting to fear that they would never see him again. Then out of the blue, the moment they been longing for arrived – Leo came through the cat flap, meowing loudly!

‘We just couldn’t believe our eyes!’ Barbara told us. ‘He had lost a lot of weight, and his claws were really long, so we think he’d been trapped somewhere rather than out roaming the streets. He was very hungry and has hardly stopped eating or purring since he came back. We are so over-joyed that he is back,’ she told us.

Barbara took him to Alfreton Park Veterinary Hospital to be checked over. He was in good health, other than losing about 1kg in weight.

Leo looks remarkably well considering he’d been missing for over four weeks. He may well have been shut in somewhere, but must have had access to water or he wouldn’t have survived. We are so pleased he’s alive and well.

The Gills had fostered Leo as a kitten. The vets at Alfreton had contacted Mrs Gill to see if she would look after him temporarily, as he had ringworm and couldn’t go to his new home. However, they bonded so well that they ended up keeping him.

‘He really has given us a new lease of life after our previous cat had to be put to sleep. I don’t want to let him out of my sight now” Barbara told us.

Barbara and Barrie would like to thank all the people who offered help and support in their efforts to find Leo.

Babs Ingram) BVetMed CertVC MRCVS

Alfreton Park Veterinary Hospital

King Street