Cat overload leads to plea from centre

Staff at Woodland Nook Cat Rescue in Swanwick say so many cats have been brought into the centre in recent weeks it will soon struggle to cope.

“It’s the busiest I’ve known in 18 years,” said Jane Lynegar, who founded the centre on Delves Bank Road.

“We can’t take anymore in and have reached the limit.”

The centre is currently looking after 19 adult cats needing new homes, plus a mum and five kittens found under the stairs of a property in Ripley.

Added Jane, who is also housing rescue cats at Top Cat ‘n’ Tails Cattery, which she runs in Hilcote: “How many we get in depends on how many rescue calls we get but I think it’s still the impact of the recession and some people not being able to afford to keep them.”

The centre relies on donations and the help of volunteers to cover food and running costs and care for its guests.

“The shelter is full to capacity and we are putting the word out to try to home them.”