Cat Chris is a pampered pet

NRHNBE111206f1, Dawn and Judith Ratcliffe from Loscoe and cat Chris.
NRHNBE111206f1, Dawn and Judith Ratcliffe from Loscoe and cat Chris.

CHRIS the cat has to be one of the most pampered pets in the country.

For his Loscoe owner Dawn Ratcliffe thinks nothing is too much trouble for the 15-year-old cat.

Chris is allowed to eat at dinner table with the rest of the family and even gets to eat roast dinner treats and snacks like Twiglets.

Twenty-nine-year-old Dawn’s catering for Chris’s every whim was revealed after a survey by pet food manufacturers Nutricat , which showed 53 per cent of East Midlands’ cat owners believed their moggie shared similar emotions to them.

And Dawn, of Milward Road agrees. She said: “All greeting cards are signed from Chris whether it is a paw print or some his fur stuck to the cards.

“He also sends birthday presents and gifts throughout the year and at Christmas we often joke how he’s had a very busy shopping trip this year!”

Langley Mill office worker Dawn is one of 1,000 cat owners who filled in an online survey about their beloved pets in the East Midlands.

The Nutricat run poll sought to find out whether modern living was making pet felines unhealthy.

Around 40 per cent of cat owners believe their cat is a better listener than their partner.

Another 40 per cent sign greetings cards from their felines.

Dawn says cat Chris will eat anything from a roast beef dinner to chicken soup.

He has even developed a craving for the Marmite-flavoured snack Twiglets.

However, Dawn says he is no fat-cat. His human eating habits are just for treats and he eats regular cat food as well.

Chris is as trim as ever and despite a recent problem with his lung, he is perfectly healthy.

Chris has held a special place in the family because there were complications with his birth and her family had to help deliver him .

Dawn said: “We always thought he was special because we thought we saved his life at the time.”

Dawn, who lives with her boyfriend Carl, 27, said her family have always been cat lovers.

“They just give you a lot of comfort,” she said. “You can always cuddle and stroke them. They just make you feel a lot better.”