Campaigners reveal mix of emotions after new plan

THE MANNERS Flood action group has paised Erewash Borough Council’s ‘logical’ decision to remove the area from the plan for houses in the borough.

But the campaign group fighting a new plan to build 350 homes to the west of Quarry Hill Road has vowed to continue the fight.

Anne Hill from the group said: “We are really pleased for the Manner Floods group – it’s a fantastic victory for them.

“But we are very disappointed it didn’t happen for us cosidering that the same constraints apply to both sites – transportation, wildlife and the fact that residents simply don’t want that land to be built on.”

But Cllr Corbett pointed out that the number of homes proposed for the area has been dropped from 500.

“We still need that land to provide houses,” he explained, “We have omitted the strip along the Nutbrook Trail to widen the wildlife corridor and maintain the gap between Ilkeston and Kirk Hallam.”

But there was some hope for campaigners as Cllr Corbett explained that the council has never compulsory purchased land for housing.

He said: “If the landowners refuse to sell it to a developer, it will never be built on.”

“I recognise that traffic could be a problem with this site, but that’s a matter for a planning application,” he added, “This document doesn’t mean we are going to grant permission.”

Talking about removing Manner Floods from the list, he said: “We have listened to the residents.

“They have said that’s an important piece of land.

“The pother two reasons are problems with access and the state of the land – there is a lot of water there.”

The Manners Floods Action Group continued in its statement: “We wish to extend our thanks to all members of the action group and the wider community who have delivered a passionate, factual and concise argument that has guided the council into reaching a logical conclusion.

“The group will continue with its goal of protecting this land for future generations to enjoy.”