Call to arms from Miniature Rifle Club


As we continue our appeal for your pennies to plant memorial trees in honour of fallen WWI soldiers, we present another dip into our archives from 1914.

The August 21 edition of the Heanor Observer ran an editorial under the headline: ‘What England Needs: Men who can shoot straight.’

The account of a local rifle club’s contribution to the war effort was described as ‘Heanor’s fine response to rifle club’s appeal.’

The editorial read: “That Heanor is apathetic with regard to the call of the country for men was somewhat discounted at the meeting called by the Miniature Rifle Club on Tuesday evening.

“There was not a large attendance in the Town Hall, but those present were eager and enthusiastic, and the result was eminently satisfactory in that both men and rifles were forthcoming, and there is a prospect of a large number of properly trained recruits being prepared.

“The club’s object is to given an opportunity to every able-bodied man in the district to make himself efficient and to provide this training free of cost.”

The miniature rifles referred to mean small bore rifles used for target shooting, rather than physically small weapons.