Cadet rushed to dad’s rescue

Shannon and her dad
Shannon and her dad

A brave St John Ambulance cadet from Heanor has been rewarded for putting her first aid skills into action when her dad collapsed last summer.

Chris Rowland, 47, of Starthe Bank, had just come back from walking the dogs last August, and was putting them in the kennel when he felt as if something had bitten his leg.

Shortly afterwards he was on the floor – screaming out in pain.

But his Daughter Shannon Rowland, who was 15 at the time, rushed outside to the rescue - and having figured out her dad had cracked ribs, managed to get him the first aid he needed.

Now Shannon, 16, who is a St John Ambulance Cadet at the Ripley and Coppice Unit, has been given an award for her actions at a presentation evening.

Recalling what happened last August, Shannon said: “I asked my dad where it hurt and he told me it was his back and the front of his chest.

“At the time he collapsed I had heard a thud and a crack, so I suspected that he might have broken or cracked a rib.

“He started to feel hot and was in shock.

“I gently moved him across to a chair, supported him with cushions to make sure he was comfortable and opened the window next to him. I rang for an ambulance and described what had happened.

I then gave him paracetamol and ibuprofen to help with the pain. When the paramedics arrived they gave him morphine and took him to hospital.”

X-rays of Mr Rowland showed that he had cracked ribs. He was off work for a while and was in a lot of pain but he is fully recovered now.

Shannon, who has been a St John Ambulance Cadet for 11 years having joined as a Badger at the age of five, was awarded the Morgan Cup for special achievement as a cadet at the special evening on April 24.

This award is only given for outstanding achievements, including life saving actions by a young person. She was also named Cadet of the Year after being voted for by her fellow cadets, for the second year running.