Cadet is a model of high achievement

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Supervising fellow cadets, representing the Army Cadet Force (ACF) at civic events and supporting the senior adult volunteer leadership team are just a few of the things a cadet from Derbyshire can look forward to after receiving a prestigious promotion.

Laurence Pilkington, a 17-year-old cadet with the Heanor Detachment of Derbyshire ACF, who was already the ACF’s Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet for Derbyshire, was promoted to Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (Cadet RSM) at a formal reception attended by HM Lord-Lieutenant of Derbyshire, Mr William Tucker.

Laurence said: “It is an honour to be able to represent my county in the role of Cadet RSM.

“I was proud to have the role, with the ceremonial pace stick, handed over to me.”

The Cadet RSM is appointed by the Commandant to a senior cadet who has not only shown a high degree of competence in the skills required of an army cadet, but has also demonstrated leadership qualities and is a role model for his fellow cadets.

Laurence explained: “I recently achieved Master Cadet status which is the top level of the Army Proficiency Certificate in the ACF.

“It now feels amazing to be given this prestigious role and to know that all of my hard 
work has paid off.

“There have only been four RSMs in the past seven years so it shows the dedication and effort I have put in to my cadet career.

“I look forward to being a role model for all of the younger cadets and I am certainly looking forward to the year ahead.”

Colonel Chris Young, Commandant of Derbyshire ACF, said: “We are pleased to appoint a new Cadet RSM to Derbyshire and wish him the best of luck with his duties.”

Cadet RSM Laurence Pilkington was formally appointed on Tuesday, April 12.

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force has more than 850 cadets and 170 adult volunteers in 32 detachments and the county ACF band right across the county.

All detachments in the county parade between two evenings each week.

Cadets take part in activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, archery and abseiling.

The ACF also has sports competitions for both boys and girls at county, regional and national level.

For further information on the Derbyshire ACF, and to become a cadet, visit the organisation’s website armycadets.com/county/derbyshire-acf/

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