Cabinet reshuffle for Amber Valley

NRHNBE120222c1, Amber valley borough council building, Ripley.
NRHNBE120222c1, Amber valley borough council building, Ripley.

The number of cabinet 
members on Amber Valley Borough Council has been cut from six to five following the latest full council meeting.

Cllr Paul Jones, Labour leader of the authority, will be responsible for policy and guide the cabinet, and ultimately the council, in the development of objectives and strategies, including managing the budget and setting standards and targets for improvement.

Councillor Chris Emmas-Williams, deputy leader of the council, will be responsible for regeneration and will lead in relation to the local development framework, town centre improvements, and attracting business development and visitors to Amber Valley .

Cllr John McCabe, will be responsible for environment and will lead in relation to waste disposal and recycling, street cleaning, maintenance of parks, and enforcement of environmental crimes.

Cllr Tony Holmes will be responsible for housing and public health and Cllr Isobel Harry will be responsible for community safety.

Cllr Jones said: “We could not justify the maintenance of six posts for the total workload of the cabinet and the recognised relationship between housing and health made it sensible to combine those two portfolios.

“We wanted to make the cabinet titles understandable not only to the public but also other councillors. The cabinet members have a range of skills and new ideas they will bring to their roles.”