Sites for new homes are to be considered

NRHN 25-06-12 BE 9 Local housing protesters meet in Swanwick.
NRHN 25-06-12 BE 9 Local housing protesters meet in Swanwick.

Alfreton and Swanwick residents concerned about the fate of greenfield and greenbelt land in their areas will find out if they are included in developers’ plans soon.

Amber Valley Borough Council will present its recommendations, which form part of the Government’s strategic housing land availability assessment (SHLAA), – a blueprint for development in the area – at a meeting on September 26.

The SHLAA is a Government planning initiative to find locations for housing to meet the needs of a growing population.

Concerns about the implications for land in Alfreton and Swanwick have been voiced over the past year by locals.

Land to the west of Derby Road South, Swanwick, has been put forward by developers.

John Briggs, a resident of Derby Road South, and lead campaigner against the proposal of a development of no less than 500 houses at that site and green belt land at Lily Street Farm, said he and members of the Swanwick Parish Council had made their objections known to the borough council.

Said John: “This development would effectively join Swanwick with Alfreton and Ripley and change it forever - we would never be a village again.

“Our local infrastructure - from roads to sewerage does not support it and wildlife would be destroyed.”

Alfreton residents have voiced similar concerns about developers’ suggestions for green land at Outseats Farm - which sits between Mansfield Road to the north and the A38 to the south.

An Amber Valley Borough Council spokesman confirmed that the authority would be presenting developers’ recommendations for five to six locations at a full council meeting on 26th September.

He said: “We will be issuing a press release to let people know about the proposed work a week before the meeting.

“There will also be frequently asked questions section on the council website after we have issued the press release,”

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