Music store’s got a real twist

A new Ripley music store is aiming to become a hotspot for jams - of more than one kind - when it opens its doors next week.

Junction Music, a new outlet selling all kinds of instruments and accessories from guitars to amplifiers, keyboards, strings and more is set to open on Tuesday, December 7.

But the owner of the 1,300 sq ft Chapel Street outlet, based in a former tile shop, says he wants the venue to become a meeting place for local musicians to share ideas - and try out its products over a spot of coffee and breakfast.

Dad-of-three Tom Connolly, of Hickton Road, Swanwick, said: “it’s going to be fundamentally centred on the bands to use as a meeting point.

“We have a coffee machine in there for them, they will be able to come in and have merchandise printed, such as guitar straps, using our embroidering machine.

“If they want, we can sell their CDs.

“I just want to be able to support local musicians, there’s nowhere for them to go at the moment and exchange ideas.”

Mr Connolly, a lawyer of ten years and lifelong music lover, based the idea for the store on the Harley Davidson motorbike outlets, which provide meeting lounges for motorbike enthusiasts.

Mr Connolly has even recruited local rockers Benji and Dan Heenan, otherwise known as popular Riddings covers band Junction, to work in the store and apply their expert musical knowledge.

Guitar player Ben Burns, 24, of Wycliffe Road, Alfreton, is part of the team opening the new store, which will also sell drum accessories and instrument effects pedals.

He said: “Effectively we are trying to create a band community shop. Some similar shops can get a bit stuffy and paranoid when an 18-year-old walks in to try out a guitar.

“We don’t want to be like that.”