Mirror, signal manouevre, rock!

NRHNBE120428e2, Driving instructor Andy Pearson and Sharon Herrod owner of Pierced and proud.
NRHNBE120428e2, Driving instructor Andy Pearson and Sharon Herrod owner of Pierced and proud.

He may look like a singer from a heavy metal band - but this Heanor driving instructor’s original approach to business is proving a hit.

Self-employed Andy Pearson used to wear a suit and tie when he taught teens to drive.

But the tattoo sporting rock enthusiast was struggling for bookings until he changed his firm’s name from Drive Dynamics to ‘Drive Like a Rockstar’ in May and began offering discounts to new pupils with tattoos from the Heanor firm – Pierced and Proud.

Andy, 35, of Ashforth Avenue, is now inundated with new learners and is soon to offer similar deals to customers of four more local firms - including a band rehearsal studio.

He said: “People have always been each to themselves, but I’m not like that.

“I’ve spent more time promoting Pierced and Proud in my lessons than I do my own business. But in return about 90 per cent of all my new starters come through the tattoo shop - it’s become like a booking agents for me!”

“It bucks the trend definitely - it’s the opposite to what any business book would tell you to do, but it seems to work for me.”

Drive Like a Rockstar will soon offer lesson discounts to customers of Pierced and Proud, on Ray Street, Heanor; Rocking Rooms band rehearsal space in Bailey Brook Industrial Estate, Langley Mill, and Newtone Guitar Strings, Heanor,

The deal also extends to Rockit Queen graphic designers in Ilkeston.

In return for the new pupils sent Andy’s way - he says he will promote the companies to his charges during lessons.

“I’m just involved in that scene,” Andy explained.

“It’s really about building my customer base from what I know.

“Playing in bands, tattoos - these are things my pupils do!”

A launch event celebrating the new partnership is set for Saturday, November 3, at Pierced and Proud and is to feature a day of live music. It will also see the unveiling of Andy’s new learner car - a black Fiesta painted with flames on the side and a skull and crossbones on the dashboard.

After part-time Poison tribute band manager Andy spoke to the News in May, his story was picked up by national newspapers, television and radio.

His Facebook site gathered more than 100,000 hits in a few days and in July, he even won a modelling award for ‘Goth’ style magazine Attitude Clothing.