Flooring duo’s new venture

A carpet and flooring firm in Langley Mill has been founded by two men with over half a century of experience in the business.

Patrick Jalbert and Ken Mather plan to open Mill Floorings, above Glazedale, at 96 Station Road, next week.

Patrick, originally from Nice in France, has lived in the Heanor area since 1977.

He said: “We want to do the job in a realistic way - offering really good value to customers on a local basis.”

Describing their new venture as a floor-covering shop with a French touch, Patrick says their products will range from “the reasonably priced to the high end - so quite a range of prices. But it will be realistic with really good service - the service people don’t normally get. It’s a new venture - we have 50 years of experience between the two of us. It’s what we know.”

He first began working in catering and the hotel trade, before moving into the floor-covering business for major companies like Carpet World, Allied Carpets and Carpetright.

He said: “Ken has more or less the same background in the floor covering trade and has worked for wholesalers and the insurance part of the business.

“We are both in our fifties and have decided to go out on our own because we are fed up of working for big concerns.”

Patrick’s wife Dawn is the daughter of local dancing stars Lewis and Joanne Wilson and now runs her own dancing school in Heanor.

Patrick added: “She has won a lot of awards and has some very faithful pupils. She drags me along so I do that at night as well! I like the local spirit of Heanor. I think the area is lovely and the people are great. I want to do my bit for the local business.”

They are currently renovating their new premises - formerly occupied by Kitchen Solutions - and open for business next week. For more call the firm on 01773 423863.