Department store’s ‘all going to plan’

NRHNBE120425d1, Ripley mystery picture, Knightsbridge place building, Ripley.
NRHNBE120425d1, Ripley mystery picture, Knightsbridge place building, Ripley.

Hundreds of applications were received for jobs at the proposed Boyes department store at Knightsbrisge Place in Ripley.

The Scarborough based retailer which has 47 stores across the north of England, is set to open the doors of its new 9,000 sq ft store onNottingham Road on October 25.

A total of 30 full and part time jobs are on offer - and candidates will learn whether they have been successful this week, according to managing director Andrew Boyes.

He said: “We always tend to get a high number of applicants when we start recruiting for a new store .

“I know there was a lot of phone calls coming in! The standard was very high.”

The firm will begin training staff on October 14, with inductions taking place over the course of a fortnight before the store opens to the public.

A low key opening event is planned, according to Mr Boyes.

“We don’t use celebrities to open out stores,” he said. “We just rely on merchandise and prices to attract people.

“I’m quite confident there will be a lot of people wanting to see what we’ve got to offer.”

The budget department store is to stock a range of 30,000 products ranging from soft furnishings, to DIY materials and clothing, at ‘competitive prices’.

Mr Boyes, who reiterated that the company is planning to stay in Ripley ‘for the long term’, said a set of initial opening offers are proposed to attract customers.