Chocolate company goes green

Staff at Somercotes chocolate-maker’s Thorntons were given lessons in how to reduce waste at home and make the best use of the recycling facilities available.

Derbyshire County Councillor John Allsop, cabinet member for technology and recycling, said: “County council staff spoke to about 160 Thorntons workers about how to make the most of the food they buy, saving them money by better planning and portion control.”

The average UK household throws away up to £50 worth of food that could be eaten, food which ends up in landfills.

Thorntons has already introduced a number of environmentally friendly schemes including cleaner fuels in their factories and better recycling facilities.

Nathan Worth, Thorntons’ operations technical manager, said: “Thorntons is committed to becoming one of the leading food and drink manufacturers in enviromental sustainability.”

By combining improving green facilities with environmental education, the council and Thorntons hope to reduce the impact on the local environment of companies and individuals.