Call for answers over roads campaign snub

A RESIDENT fighting for restrictions on the amount of traffic using his street has vowed to plough on with his campaign despite a setback.

Richard Collis lives in Hall Street, Alfreton, which he says suffers from large volumes of traffic, including lorries heading for the nearby Tesco superstore.

He has led a residents’ fight to get weight restrictions placed on Hall Street and Cressy Road, including making a presentation to borough and Derbyshire County Council on the problems they face.

Now after an investigation by the county council, which deals with highway matters, he has been told no changes will be made to the road.

But businessman Mr Collis, 42, says he has received no explanation as to how the decision was made.

He has now complained to the authority, demanding to know how the decision was arrived at.

Mr Collis has been campaigning on the issue since 2008 in a bid to get the amount of traffic using the street reduced. On May 4, he gave a presentation of photos showing the sorts of traffic nightmares residents were experiencing to councillors.

And on June 27, they and officers visited the roads themselves with Mr Collis. But after receiving a short letter saying no action would be taken, Mr Collis has complained for not being given the reasons why.

He said: “If I have taken the time and effort to detail issues and problems around Alfreton, shouldn’t we expect a better level of response for a county council?”

“If they can substantiate the reasons why – I will back down and say fair enough. Until that time we will carry on because we feel we really do have a problem.”

He wants to know why the council will not consider imposing a weight restriction on the two roads to stop lorries and large buses using it.

Derbyshire County Council were pressed for a more detailed response this week.

A spokesman responded: “The county council takes Mr Collis’s concerns seriously and three councillors visited Hall Street to discuss them with him. We recognise that traffic has increased along Hall Street and Cressy Road since the opening of the nearby supermarket and have tried a number of measures – including a one way system – to alleviate this.

“The one way system wasn’t a success and, despite extensive investigation, we cannot see any economically viable changes which would not cause greater traffic problems elsewhere in the town.”