Burglary on Ray Street

Police are appealing for witnesses to an attempted burglary in Ray Street, Heanor.

The crime happened at about 3pm on Monday March 4 when an 85-year-old woman answered the doorbell at her front door. When she opened the door she couldn’t see anyone so went back into the house. She then saw that her back door was wide open and there was a man in the back yard.

She described him as white, with a grey pallor and grey hair. He was between 40 – 50 years-old and of a big build. He asked the woman if she wanted her house power-washing and then left. Nothing was stolen.

About 15 minutes earlier a resident reported seeing three men acting suspiciously on nearby Park Street. He said they were all in their 40s and that they had a five-door silver car.

Anyone with information should ring the police on 101.