Bunting barbecues and beer festivals as towns celebrate royal wedding.

THE Historic Walls of Westminster Abbey witnessed its 16th Royal wedding on a blustery April Friday in London.

But the initially gloomy skies could do nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of revellers, camping out overnight for a front row seat around Whitehall and the Mall.

While the world had to wait until just before 11am to catch a momentary glimpse of Kate Middleton’s bridal dress as she dived from the Goring hotel into a limousine, months of speculation were ended when the early news broke that the newly married couple will take the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

And the people of Ripley and Heanor joined in with two billion round the globe in watching the service.

Celebrating with a beer festival at the Poet and Castle pub on Alfreton Road, Codnor were a devoted group of royalists. Manager, Andrea Billings set up a large screen and opened the place early so punters could enjoy the ceremony.

She said: “I said to myself I wasn’t going to watch it but I got here at nine o’ clock and just put the screen on straight away and I have been running back and forth to watch it since. I think Kate handled herself so well - better than Diana in fact.”

As the married couple took to the balcony of Buckingham Palace and the sun broke out here in Ripley and Heanor, those who had organised their own parties reflected on a celebratory day.

Nigel Tadman from Nottingham Road Codnor, who had decked his home out with an array of flags and bunting, said: “I am a big royalist which some people laugh at. But we need this, it has been such a lift and you don’t have to spend a million pounds to have a party. Everyone contributed really, it’s just a great day for family and friends.

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